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Gastronomic French, Dining By Region

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There are several things in life that are part of the French culture but in particular there’s a factor of French life that is positively monolithic. It’s a daily occurrence, a guarantee and a ritual. Tables around the country will be adorned with lavish masterpieces taken from recipes handed down from generations. Recipes are fresh and delicious and created with a torrid passion; however, dining is also a grand and daily social occasion and each region has their speciality.  Finish your breakfast of croissants and coffee and then go and cook up a storm in your kitchen, practice your language skills with some French recipes from one of the following 4 regions, and wash it all down with a glass of rich Bordeaux or sparkling golden Champagne…






Originating in Bretagne in the 12th century, the Crêpe can be bought at any fête or street corner. It’s the ultimate sweet delight or a delicious meal that can be filled with just about anything, all served up with French flavour and style. It’s dinner with a certain “je ne sais quoi”. On finishing your crêpe why not wind your way through Paris and stroll along the boulevards to your nearest pâtisserie for a Paris Brest. Indulgent and magnificent, this creamy, pastry laden dessert pays sweet homage to the Paris Brest cycling race and is ressemblant of the wheel of a “velo”. But this is not recommended on a daily basis if you are thinking of taking part in a cycling race, given it’s heavy calorific value.




Whilst meandering down one of the intricate Toulousain canals on your longboat, try lighting up your stove and get out your recipe book to make the locally beloved and nutritionally-laden bowl of Cassoulet. A colourful and robust casserole of haricot blanc with duck confit and a rich tomato sauce that will warm any French heart or soul.

After disembarking from your canal boat, TGV yourself West for a glass of the very finest red wine accompanied with a sticky and sugary “Cannele de Bordeaux” (a petite and caramelized brioche-like gateau that can be found in any one of the numerous boulangeries of this beautiful region).






By now you will be surely bursting at the seams! But your culinary whistle-stop tour of France is not yet over and that was only “entre midi et quatorze heure”. Now it’s time for “apéritif dinatoire”. Put on your cocktail dress and enjoy as you discover that well known delicacy of “escargot”.  Escargot de Bourgogne is a buttery and delicate garden fancy that begs to be washed down  with sumptuous Burgundy wine, glamour at it’s very finest… however, not for the faint hearted! And if that’s not enough for you, you can always finish off with brandy steeped fruit from Alsace.




This vast region offers a variety of culture and climate. It’s multifaceted and versatile choice of food will leave you pondering for days over your next choice of dinner. The mediterranean coastlines offer you colossal seafood choices from a classic provençal bouillabaisse to a traditional Côte d’Azur Niçoise. For your next course (and if you’re not too worried about putting on your bikini for the beach) you can also relish in a decent helping of Tart Tropézienne, which is, quite simply, brioche filled with crème pâtissière.


A country steeped in culture and synonymous for it’s gastronomie, how can anyone resist the “avenues” and “boulevards” just littered with colourful and bounteous pâtisseries or the smell of freshly baked baguettes and croissants? And what better way to learn French then spending a relaxing afternoon with your French cookery book concocting a rich Boeuf Bourguignon, you’ll soon find out if you’ve made a mistake with your French grammar, the proof will be in the tasting! Contact Easy French for further food and cultural fun as you eat your way through every French lesson.



7 Natural Wonders Of France

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France is one of those countries that oozes beauty. It‘s so rich in culture and heritage that we sometimes forget that it also has a positively prized choice of natural phenomenons. Follow any direction on the compass point and eventually you’ll find one of these unaffected, natural sites. Ravish in their beauty and let the mind take you away… in French, of course!




This amazing sand dune is an impressive 108 meters high and Europes highest. Located close to the wonderful and wine rich town of Bordeaux and the charming and picture postcard seaside resort of Arcachon, a dream for paragliders and sun bathers alike. This delightful golden jewel will enamour and captivate and leave you shaking sand out of your socks for days on end.






With three natural arches dipping into the sea on this alabaster coastline, an incredible site that’s just a short distance away from Le Havre. Etretat was home to many of the greats including the artist Monet and writer Guy De Maupassant who spent his childhood here and drew inspiration for much of his work from the area. A seascape that is completely unique, this wild yet graceful beauty is a definate must see.




Here’s one that’s on the UNESCO world heritage list! Awesome and astonishing caves with amazing and positively jaw dropping palaeolithic cave paintings dating back some 20,000 years. Lavish yourself in these glorious and handsome works of art, take yourself back in time and enjoy the original photographs of it’s era.




A breathtaking and natural place of immense beauty, the Gouffre De Padirac nestles comfortably in the already resplendent Lot valley. Limestone caves with underground rivers, stalactites and stalagmites, waterfalls and boat rides. A gorgeous way to spend an afternoon with a delightful hour and a half’s tour of this 100 meter wide by 100 meter deep gouffre. A magical wonderland that makes you feel like you’re on another planet.






25 meters long and 700 meters deep, this is the Grand Canyon of France. A ravishing location in the already exquisite region of South East France.  You can take a drive along its rim or canoe at the bottom of the deep ravine. The rock climbers form of heaven and an unbeatable area of outstanding natural beauty.




Hike it, ski it, love it… and the highest in Alps and the European Union. Towering to a massive 4810 meters in height you’ll need to hire a guide and pack up your cosiest thermals and crampons to get to the top of this natural wonder. Failing that, just whizz on through the Mont Blanc tunnel “en route” to Italy.




Well earning it’s coveted place on “Les Plus Beaux Villages de France” list, this charming and almost toy-town like village is startlingly unusual.  Constructed entirely in it’s local vibrant, bright red sandstone, it’s history rich and architecturally beauteous.  It has it all, a chateau, an 8th Century priory and a whole host of cute gift shops that you can get lost in.


The cities and towns, Paris and it’s Tour Eiffel, Bordeaux and it’s wine… it’s wonderful but sometimes it’s just as wonderful to go “au naturel”. Test out your French, whilst paddling down the Verdon Gorge or skiing your way down Mont Blanc/White Mountain. Take some lessons to help you book the tickets for the Gouffre de Padirac or ask directions to the Dune Du Pilat. Don’t miss out, there’s “quelque chose pour tout le monde”.