We all know France is a huge country with immense beauty and charm. However sometimes, we want something out of the ordinary; an alternative; a get-away that’s exotic, exciting, off-the-beaten-track, and made for the world’s most posh jetsetters.


Guess what? We have your top island picks: all French, and all at your fingertips. If it’s sand between your toes and blue oceans that you crave, check out these 5 dream destinations that will have you sunbathing…while still practicing your French!






The best first step to easing into your vacation, as it won’t instigate a sharp intake of air from your bank manager. Pack your bags, we’re taking you to Corsica! It may be small, but it’s mightily powerful and steeped in beauty and culture. Birthplace to Napoleon and an ever-popular French celebrity haunt, Corsica is small yet impactful. The island is a mile and a quarter from end to end, boasts 1000 km of coastline, and more than 200 beaches to choose from for your daytime sunbathing and water activities.




Two islands in the shape of a butterfly form Guadeloupe, a colourful group of Caribbean islands located in the Leeward pack. With a choice of crystal-clear waters, powder white beaches, the Caribbean sea on one side, and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, you won’t know where to begin! Living markets sprinkle throughout the sleepy fishing villages and you’ll learn lots amongst the French-speaking community and Creole-rich culture. With such fabulous food and dramatic scenery, how can you not put this gallic delight on your French tourism bucket list!






Bora Bora: luxury personified. You’ll need to get your Gold Card to even gain access to this overseas French territory, but once you do, it will be worth every pretty penny. Bora Bora is as decadent in it’s beauty as it is in it’s lavish lifestyle offerings. Explore the island’s turquoise lagoons and perfect beaches while taking in the French language. Bora Bora is a five-star, paradisiacal location, with the price tag (and celebrity crowd!) to match.




This ridiculously beautiful island off the West coast of France fails to disappoint any intrepid traveller and Francophile. Full on unspoilt beaches, beauty, bikes and gastronomy, it’s the ideal place to relax and explore for a few days. Find copious amounts of Fruit de Mer and the island’s famous oyster dishes on Ïle de Re. It’s easy to get to and easier on your wallet than it’s Caribbean counterparts, making it a seventh heaven for those wanting to improve their French skills…and their tan!




Ïle de Noirmoutier: France’s best kept secret. Build a “chateaux” in the sand, eat ice cream on the “plage” and practice your french on this wondrous island. Located just off the Vendée department of mainland France, the Île de Noirmoutier packs charm and a rich culture into its cobble-stoned fishing villages. Almost unknown outside of France, you’ll be obliged to battle your way through verbs and vocabulary with the French-speaking locals. But language immersion on a paradise island –what could be finer?


If you’re in search for a new Utopia, with a Robinson Crusoe mentality, maybe an island vacation is just what you need! But don’t let your French slip while you escape to paradise. Live the castaway life and French dream on an island oasis, while preparing the perfect accent and refining your vocab skills. Book a French lesson before you go, and feel more confident as you wander these French islands of sun, culture, and relaxation!