The decision to study abroad is different for everyone; some people first decide what they want to study and try to find the best fit for that subject, then there are those romantics who decide the destination first eager to experience adventures in french study abroadtheir chosen land. If France is the place for you then there’s no limit to what you can learn, because—in addition to what you already love about France—they’re very strong academically. If, however, you’re looking to study something that might expand on your French adventure, fear not! I’m here to provide you a list of the best subjects to study abroad if nowhere else but France will do.


1.       Art: With over 100 museums in Paris alone, it’s no wonder people come to the city of lights to study art. If you find yourself tired of the tourist crowds around the Louvre, try checking out the contemporary art scene in the Belleville district, there’s sure to be a gallery that catches your eye.

 french study abroad the louvre

2.       History: If you fancy yourself an old soul maybe history is the right course of study for you. France is rich in both history and beautifully preserved historical landmarks. Interested in the French revolution—or maybe just history of fashion? Visit the Place de la Concorde where the taste maker of her day Marie Antoinette was beheaded along with her husband King Louis XVI. If you prefer your history a bit older than that, head over to the Crypte Archeologique. This underground museum, found underneath Notre Dame Cathedral, houses the ruins of Ancient Gallo-Roman Paris, mostly dating back to the third century BC.


3.       Architecture: Of the many accomplishments of France, the country’s architecture ranks pretty high. With some of the most recognized landmarks in the world (the Eiffel Tower for one), and that rich history I was talking about before, France is a feast for the eyes of the architecturally inclined.

 french kitchen

4.       Food: This subject isn’t as academically inclined as the  other listed, but truthfully, if I were to study abroad in France this is what I’d choose to learn about. Whether you choose to apply for an internship at a restaurant to work your way up the Brigade de cuisine (follow this link for an article I wrote on the inner workings of the French restaurant kitchen) or try your hand at a culinary school, there’s no telling what culinary delights await. Hey, if it was good enough for Julia Child, then studying the culinary arts in France is more than good enough for me! 


5.       French: Obvious isn’t it? If you love the country of France enough to study there, then why not study French? Not only will you be completely immersed in the language and culture, you’ll also be giving yourself future opportunities to visit the country for business purposes.


Whatever your reasons for studying abroad in France, it may be wise to take a few classes in French before your trip. Feel free to visit our Contact Us page for information on language lessons in your area.