I’m a mom, I get it. No matter where you go there’s always the fear of an impending tantrum. If you have an upcoming trip to France, you might be worried that the unfamiliar food might not be to the liking of your little one. Not to worry, even the pickiest palettes won’t find fault with these French favorites.

french parenting snack timeCroque Monsieur: Does your child eat toasty, warm ham and cheese sandwiches? If yes, then they’ll love the French equivalent. Often made with gruyere cheese, these babies are a good way to introduce your child to complex flavors in a familiar dish.

Crepes:  Who doesn’t like crepes? If you aren’t familiar with this anything goes meal, a crepe is basically a thin pancake that can be filled with sweet or savory add-ins and eaten for any meal, including dessert. To insure your child eats their fill, give them a sense of control over their meal and let them pick what goes inside the crepe.

Steak Frites: If you’re little dinosaur is a carnivore—mine is roaring and knocking down building block towers behind me as I write—then this dish is sure to please. Steak with French-style fries and mayonnaise for dipping, what’s not to love? Start it off with a salad for a more complete meal.

Gougères: If you’re looking for a snack that satisfies, then gougères are for you. Basically savory, cheesy pastry puffs, a few of these will definitely get your kiddo to the next meal drama free. Another point in favor of this pastry is that it’s small enough for little hands to hold.

fondueFondue: I don’t think I’ve ever met a child that didn’t like to dip their food into yummy sauces. Fondue is a great meal option because it’s also fun; while the kids entertain themselves with skewering and dipping their food, you can enjoy a meal minus the “I’m bored” fussiness to which we’ve all become accustomed. Just be careful, that cheese is hot.

Omelet: If you’re a fan of Julia Child then you’ve probably seen her whip up a few of these on her old show. Usually not as jam-packed as omelets in other countries, French omelets are usually just herbaceous and cheesy, letting the eggs speak for themselves.

The last thing you want to worry about on your foray into France is whether or not you’ll be able to convince your picky eater to gobble up whatever French goodies you plan on enjoying. Rest assured, you child will be saying bon appétit in no time. If you want to be able to say more than that, take a look at the French classes we offer.