Sports: they’re everywhere at the moment. There’s the Coupe Du Monde, the Tour de France, Rugby, Tennis, and if you’re in France, you’ll find Pétanque on every street corner. The French love their sports! Take a look at the country’s top 5:


1. Football

french-soccerProbably the most popular French sport of them all. Well, it’s probably the most popular sport wherever you are and it’s true to say that French soccer has given us all some immense pleasure! Les Bleus, AKA L’equipe Tricolore boasts an enviable Coupe Du Monde history with it’s 3-0 win on home soil in 1998 against Brazil giving them that coveted world title (followed by a close run in 2006 when they lost to the Italians on penalties leaving them as runners up).

2. Cycling

Anyone that has been to France will be fully aware that cycling is a huge part of the French sporting culture. Whatever the weather and whatever the road surface, sooner or later you will be dodging several tight-fitting lycra-clad cyclists with their heads down, probably in preparation for the all encompassing 21 days in July in their bid to gain the “maillot jaune”.

The Tour De France is a yearly event that leaves the nation gripped to their TV and the roadsides. 22 teams battling out 21 stages of this gruelling sport that burns calories and bike tyres at a ridiculous rate, a true French passion that has given its country more wins than any other to date.

3. Rugby



Introduced to France at the turn of the 20th Century by England, Rugby has become one of the most successful and popular national sports played by the French! Competing in the annual Six Nations tournament with relative success, our valiant Gaul friends will be optimistic for their first ever win in the 2015 World Cup. However, they’ve not done too badly so far. Since the beginning of cup history, they’ve reached the finals 3 times and fight a good fight! Maybe next year will be their victorious year.


4. Tennis

A 13th Century monastic leisure that was called “Tenez” or catch in English eventually developed into tennis as we know it today. Mostly played on clay, or “Terre Battue,” you can find a court in almost every town and village and purchase a day pass for a leisurely game whilst on your vacation! Alternatively, book yourself some tickets for the French Open and whilst you are waiting for the match to start, visit the Tenniseum at the Stade de Roland Garros.

5. Pétanque

file0002036812579And now we arrive at the French sport of all sports! Similar to the English bowls, you throw your hard metal bowl (Pétanque) towards your jack or “cochonnet” aiming to be the one whose bowl is closest. There are tape measures, sandy courts, berets, Pastis’ and quite a lot of frowning. It’s competitive, serious and more than a sport, it’s a national institution! It’s as important as the accordion, as Gallic as Asterix and Obelix, it’s got a Federation, it’s got international competitions. There are pétanque professionals, there are pétanque shops, pétanque courts in every village, hamlet and square. This is, unequivocally, without question or doubt, 100% French!

Et Voila!!

France has something for everyone, take some French Lessons, learn some Easy French, buy some boules and book a French holiday, you can become a Pétanque expert and win the Coupe Du Monde of French Language skills.