Learning French is easy with EasyFrench!

Business French courses

Take a “French for business” course with EasyFrench and learn with a teacher who has a background in business, expertise in teaching business French or – most likely – both.

Our business French classes will give you much more than French language skills. Because your teacher will be familiar with business practice in the French-speaking world, you can learn about business customs and etiquette from someone with first-hand experience. There is no substitute for that.

Learn French for business with EasyFrench and you will make rapidly develop understanding of the language, customs and nuances of the French-speaking business world.

Business French according to your needs

Before the course starts, we will find out your motivations for learning French and your level of French will be assessed. This allows our academic team and your teacher to design a French course especially for your needs.

Some typical examples:

  • preparation for a presentation in French
  • emailing and letter writing in French
  • French language with cultural awareness training
  • meeting preparation for a meeting in French
  • interview preparation for an interview in French

Individuals or small groups

Courses can be arranged for up to twelve participants. In our extensive experience of language tuition, we have found that this is the maximum student:teacher ratio that allows teachers to focus on the needs of each individual, although we strongly recommend smaller groups.

A note to HR staff:

Hey there! We've worked with businesses of all sizes and understand the unique pressures that HR teams can be under. Our French courses offer great flexibility, value for money and personal development for participants. They represent enjoyable professional development opportunities that improve your company's skill base and cultural understanding.

Participants' progress is unobtrusively measured and certificates of attainment issued at the end of the course.

To find out more about our business French courses or to book, contact us.