Learning French is easy with EasyFrench!

Practical information - FAQs

Can I change my teacher if I am not happy?

If, for any reason, you would like to change your teacher just say and we will find you a new one. This rarely happens but your relationship with your teacher is important to your progress.

How many people can be in one group?

One teacher is suitable for groups of up to twelve, but we strongly recommend smaller group sizes because the teacher can give more attention to each individual.

How do I arrange dates and locations for my classes?

Once you have arranged the time and location of your first lesson with us, you can arrange directly with your teacher.

How quickly will I make progress?

This depends on a number of factors, not least how much time and effort you put in! Our teacher will provide quality tuition during class time and suggest exercises for your free time. The key to successful language learning is to do a little every day... that’s how it works when you are immersed in a language and that’s how you will learn best at home.

Can I have a “taster” lesson?

Learning a language takes time and you should give your classes a chance. It is very hard for us to get teachers to agree to the intense work of designing a course if there is a chance that it will just be for two hours work.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes you can. We offer flexible payment schemes.

How often do you recommend taking classes?

We recommend taking two or three lessons per week, ideally with a gap of at least one day between. This will give the new knowledge a chance to sink in.

What on earth is the French subjunctive all about?

It’s not that complicated... you use the subjunctive to express ideas that are somehow uncertain or subjective. Your teacher will be pleased to explain.

Is French pronunciation as hard as I remember it?

It’s certainly one of the more challenging parts of the language, which is why it is essential that you learn from a native speaker. All of our teachers are native speakers.

Does it make a difference where in the world my teacher is from?

Your teacher will probably be from France but could be from anywhere in the French-speaking world. Just as there is little difference between learning English from an Australian or a Brit, the nationality of your French teacher is not so important. What matters is that he or she will be a fully-qualified native French speaker.