Learning French is easy with EasyFrench!

General French courses

Want to improve your French before a holiday? Perhaps you are considering moving to France? Or maybe you want to learn French for your partner.

There are many reasons to learn French. Whatever motivates you, we can provide you with expert French tuition that will help turn your ambitions into practical language skills.

General French courses focus on the essential speaking, listening, reading and writing skills that let you enjoy time in a French-speaking environment.

French courses according to your needs

Your teacher will deliver a course tailored to your personal goals. Some typical examples:

  • holiday French
  • French language and culture
  • emigration/immigration preparation
  • career development French
  • EU entrance exam preparation

These are just examples of requests that come up regularly. Let us know your motivations for learning and your teacher will work with our academic support staff to deliver a course specifically for you.

Rapid academic progress

By learning French from an experienced native-speaker teacher, as an individual or in a small group, you will make faster progress than you thought possible. Of course, your individual development depends on the amount of work you put in outside of class time and other factors, but our expert teachers and bespoke courses ensure quick progress.

Personal development

Whatever your motivations for learning French, speaking another language is great for your personal development and will look great on any CV.